Therapy for Couples

Systemic therapy for couples

In our practice on Fraenkelufer in Kreuzberg, Berlin, we provide therapy for couples. Crises in relationships can appear in very different ways. Some causes, for example, include:

  • Questions about closeness or distance
  • Questions about fidelity
  • Difficult communication
  • Sexuality
  • Unemployment
  • A partner’s illness
  • Infertility / Wanting children
  • Patchwork families
  • Foster or adoptive parenting
  • Different desires for your future
  • Or the stress of everyday life

When togetherness no longer becomes a thing of joy, and is marked by rejection or hurt, couples can feel helpless.

We believe that reciprocity is a cornerstone of relationships. That goes for situations of conflict as well, when both partners have the feeling they are only able to ‘react’.

We also believe that it is important for you to understand yourself both as an individual and as part of a couple. To do so, we also look at familial and work relationships, as well your wider social network. Together we will search for what is missing or has gone lost in your relationship. Exchanging your wishes and expectations with one another makes closeness and a new level of intimacy possible. We will help you examine your patterns of behavior and communication, challenge them, and try out new alternatives. If you decide that there is no way forward for you together as a couple, we will support you during your separation.