Systemic therapy was recognized in 2008 as a scientifically-based method of psychotherapy; however it is not yet covered by most German health insurance policies. For this reason, clients must be able to cover the cost of therapy themselves.

We know that this can be a financial strain for some individuals, couples, and families, but there are also positives:

  • There are no long waiting periods; it is possible to begin therapy immediately.
  • The number, length, and frequency of sessions can be tailored to your individual situation. The number of sessions is usually well below the number approved by health insurance companies.
  • You may come to therapy as a couple, in groups, as a family, or with people you care for. Similarly, you can come to therapy in different constellations of these groups during the therapy process.
  • Our work is resource-based and not deficit-oriented; we are not required to make psychiatric diagnoses for our accounting.
  • You will leave no data behind; your health insurance will not be informed.

We offer a sliding scale. If you are privately insured with a policy that offers systemic therapy coverage, it may be possible to bill your insurance company.